Work culture

Learn about our work culture

As a Financial Center we are not only united by common business goals and professional interests. We also share key values. Thanks to this, we have a high work ethic and culture. Here’s what we focus on:


Financial Center is not only proven expert knowledge or innovative IT solutions. The Financial Center is primarily the people with whom you associate the good of your company. For us, trust means satisfied and loyal customers, and we believe in the power of recommendation.


Above all, we are your business partner. We understand your business and invest our time and skills in it. That is why we offer a dynamic approach to cooperation. We support our Partners and discount service costs in demanding situations, and in periods of prosperity, we optimize costs. Our strength is your strength.


For us, security means complete confidentiality and full protection of the information stored. With the Financial Center your safety and peace of mind are our priorities.


We choose innovative methods and solutions, however, we always check their reliability and expert knowledge in advance. We use modern IT systems and accounting software, and thanks to our proprietary financial platform we give you access to financial reports 24/7 from any place on Earth.


A strategic approach is key. By using innovative tools, we can generate the most up-to-date data. The information provided to you, which is essential for making beneficial business decisions, is based on that data. Financial Center's tactics are the speed of reaction and precision of generated messages.


As auditors of many companies and institutions, we know that systematic audit of our services is also an important issue. In Financial Center, apart from external quality control, we also practice self-observation in the form of mystery shopping and the evaluation of service reliability by our customers.

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