Simplified accounting

for small and micro companies, Krakow

Small and micro businesses face the challenge of accounting on a daily basis. When there are few people working in a company with many responsibilities, it can be difficult to maintain the books properly. Accounting for small businesses, which we offer in our accounting office in Krakow, comes to the rescue. 

Professional simplified accounting with clear rules

The needs of small businesses and enterprises are different from those of large corporations. The perfect answer to their needs is simplified accounting, also known as small business accounting. It is part of Financial Center’s offer dedicated to entrepreneurs expecting carefully crafted services for small and medium businesses. We have prepared our services based on many years of experience in working with simplified accounting – all in order to provide our clients with the highest quality services at affordable prices. 

Accounting for small businesses at Financial Center is addressed to companies and enterprises from Krakow and the surrounding area, where we operate on a daily basis. The so-called simplified accounting services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Keeping a revenue and expense ledger, in case of taxation according to the tax scale or flat tax. 
  • Records of income for companies taxed as a lump sum on registered income. 
  • VAT, for small business accounting for a business that has a VAT purchase and sales register. 
  • Paying Social Security premiums for sole proprietorships and small business employees. 
  • Submission of necessary documents, reports and accounts to relevant government authorities in a timely manner.

Accounting for small and micro businesses is therefore a comprehensive service. It relieves the business owner of the burden and eliminates the errors that could occur when completing tax obligations on your own. In addition, the exact scope of services in the area of small bookkeeping can be determined individually, depending on the needs of your business. Therefore, you pay only for the accounting services you need most. 

Why should you choose our small business accounting?

We recognize that small business owners face many challenges on a daily basis that are spread across dedicated departments in large corporations. Our services are geared towards making them more comfortable in their daily work. Simplified accounting for small businesses is a service that relieves the burden on busy entrepreneurs. It guarantees smooth and uninterrupted business operations and fast execution and recording of daily transactions without unnecessary worries or corrections. 

Additionally, cooperation with Financial Center is a guarantee of carefully kept accounting records for small and micro-enterprises. We constantly train and update our knowledge, so that at each stage of simplified accounting we are able to choose the optimal solutions for your business. We also keep up with regulations so we don’t make mistakes with the necessary paperwork. We can also offer you a fully bespoke approach that allows us to adapt to your business as it grows. Contact us – we will choose the perfect offer for you! 


Let's talk about business!

See how we can help you grow and strengthen your business. Find out what benefits await you if you start working with the Financial Center.


Let's talk about business!

See how we can help you grow and strengthen your business. Find out what benefits await you if you start working with the Financial Center.

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