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Payroll and HR management is one of the primary responsibilities of any business that has more than one person. Reliable organization of employee-related documents and money is important regardless of the size of the company. Financial Center experts have extensive experience in HR and payroll services for both small family businesses and large teams in largest corporations. We operate in Krakow and the surrounding area, for years supporting businesses operating on a local and international scale. We will also do a great job for your company! 

Payroll and personnel services are our specialty!

Financial Center Krakow is a team of professionals who have been providing payroll and HR services to companies for years. Thanks to our experience and knowledge we have prepared for you a comprehensive package including various activities in the field of HR services. These include: 

  • Maintaining employees’ personal files 
  • Calculation of salaries, including executives 
  • Preparation of work and remuneration regulations and templates
  • Preparation of contracts and their possible modification
  • Maintaining social security and health insurance records for employees.
  • Verification of deadlines for upcoming commitments and industry-specific health and safety training. 
  • Preparation of settlement declarations and their submission to the relevant Social Insurance Institution. 
  • PFRON and PKK settlements
  • Preparation of annual information and tax returns.
  • Preparation of statistical reports for the implementation of the objectives of the labour law.
  • Reviews of HR processes and the results of remuneration calculation to ensure that they are consistent with the agreements concluded and the applicable regulations and laws.
  • Prepare your company for audits by government agencies. 

However, this is only a part of our HR and payroll services that we can perform for your company in Krakow and the surrounding area. We will be happy to help you choose the best tailor-made accounting package. When selecting the ideal offer, we will analyse the best solutions and indicate the optimum range of HR services tailored to your needs and current legislation. Contact us and see what we can offer you. 

Professional personnel and payroll services for your company

High quality HR and payroll services are the key not only to employee satisfaction, but above all to trouble-free business operations. Our services in this area will satisfy both small businesses and entire corporations. We have many years of experience in personnel and payroll services, thanks to which we can successfully face all challenges hidden in legal regulations. Should the need arise, we can also provide you with tax advisory to help you take further action. 

What is more, we are constantly improving our qualifications and expanding our knowledge of newly introduced legal regulations. Thus, by choosing our HR and payroll service you can be sure that each formality will be carried out on the basis of the latest laws and regulations governing the activities of the company in terms of payments and employees. Cooperation with Financial Center is a guarantee of keeping necessary documentation without mistakes and errors! 

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Let's talk about business!

See how we can help you grow and strengthen your business. Find out what benefits await you if you start working with the Financial Center.


Let's talk about business!

See how we can help you grow and strengthen your business. Find out what benefits await you if you start working with the Financial Center.

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