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No company operating legally on the market can do without carefully kept accounts. It is required by law, and failure to comply can result in unpleasant consequences. However, constant keeping it up to date is a difficult task for people who have not encountered this problem before. Our accounting for companies in Krakow and its surroundings will easily solve it and give you the convenience of running your business without accounting errors. 

Explore our accounting and bookkeeping services

Financial Center Krakow has been supporting businesses in achieving their daily goals for years. We provide full accounting services for companies, covering both day-to-day operations and periodic settlements. Our business accounting service can be tailored to the needs of your business taking into account the industry you are in. The most common business accounting services performed by Financial Center Krakow include: 

  • Keeping the books in accordance with the current, most up-to-date regulations
  • Keeping tax registers
  • Preparation of appropriate tax returns
  • Providing necessary documentation to Tax Offices and other institutions when required
  • Preparation of reports for statistical and tax purposes
  • Keeping of records and settlements 
  • Meeting tax payment deadlines
  • Preparation of applications to the relevant authorities, e.g. applications for issuance of interpretations on the application of tax law. 
  • Tax advisory in cases that raise doubts for the client.

We ensure that our business accounting services are always of the highest quality. We are constantly improving our qualifications and updating our knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping, so you can be sure that there will be no disturbing ambiguities in your books. 

Additionally, at every stage of accounting for companies, we can provide you with explanations covering the ins and outs of our work for your business. Our accounting advice will show you possible solutions to challenges that arise and allow us to select the best possible course of action for your situation.

Moreover, thanks to accounting for companies offered by Financial Center Kraków you will ensure efficient settlement of payments and revenues. No mistakes, errors or ambiguities – we specialize in accurate business accounting services. Financial Center Krakow will surely be the key to a smoothly run business!  

Comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services for every company

Financial Center has been providing accounting services to companies – both small and large – for many years. During this time, we have faced a tremendous amount of challenges that have thought us how to quickly and efficiently organize all types of accounting. For this reason, our offer is addressed both to different types of companies, including: 

  • Limited Liability Companies 
  • Limited partnerships
  • Joint stock companies
  • Limited Joint-Stock partnerships

We have extensive experience in providing accounting services to each of these types of businesses. At the same time, we can tailor our offer to best meet the needs of your business, regardless of the industry. From the initial discussion stage, we can create a bespoke service package that reflects the requirements of your business. 

Moreover, the knowledge we have gained over the years enables us not only to take into account the legal nuances, but also the specifics of a given company’s operations. Based on information about your business, we can point you to accounting services perfectly suited to it. Therefore, cooperation with us is a guarantee of well-managed accounting for the company – including yours. 


Let's talk about business!

See how we can help you grow and strengthen your business. Find out what benefits await you if you start working with the Financial Center.


Let's talk about business!

See how we can help you grow and strengthen your business. Find out what benefits await you if you start working with the Financial Center.

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